Costa Rica

Expedition Costa Rica

Winterim 2015

costa mountainsPrepare for the trip of a lifetime! Expedition Costa Rica will take us to one of the most incredible natural places in the world. The Costa Rican rainforest mountains, wild rivers, and world-class beaches provide the perfect forum for true cultural immersion and adventure travel. While the backpacking, rafting, and surfing serve as the backbone of the trip, the true soul of the experience will be cultural. This is no bus tour. We will be living with our guides from Autentico Adventures, staying at their ranches alongside their families and the land they have known and loved for generations. You won’t come back the same!

costa rica.big leafItinerary—11 Days In-Country!

Day 1          Early morning departure, drive to Playa Hermosa, evening surf lesson

Day 2          Morning group activities, afternoon surf session, evening relaxation

Day 3          Drive to Bruho, backpack to Hernon’s (long day!)

Day 4           Backpack to the Lopez family ranch

Day 5           Stay at the Lopez ranch

Day 6          Backpack to Orlando’s

Day 7          Backpack to Fonseca

Day 8           Whitewater day 1:  Rio Savagre (raft)

Day 9           Whitewater day 2:  Rio Savagre (raft)

Day 10        Whitewater day 3:  Rio Savagre (ducky), drive to Playa Hermosa

Day 11        Morning surf session, noon departure, late night arrival in GR

Trip Cost: $2300 All Inclusive! (2013 tuition, subject to change)

        Cost includes: Flight, 100% transportation, food, and lodging in Costa Rica

        Not include:   Passport, incidentals, vaccinations, meals en route[1]


costa rica.waterfall rappel

Who is leading the trip?

David Koning:  As a teacher and outdoor educator, I know the power that amazing locations, real adventure, and group unity can have on people. I bring to this trip over 20 years of personal outdoor adventure experience, have taught outdoor education courses and led wilderness trips for Calvin College for 3 years, and hold an advanced wilderness first aid certification (WFR).

Josh Rozema:  Mathematics teacher Josh Rozema spent semester living in Costa Rica worked two summers at La Cumbre (“the summit”) Young Life Camp working their high ropes course. Josh loves Costa Rica, the land and its people. Josh also happens to be an avid surfer.

Autentico Adventures: We will be working with Autentico Adventures. Run by an all-Costa Rican staff, Autentico is led by Filipe Lopez Salazar, former director of the Costa Rica Outward Bound program. Used by Calvin College’s interim classes for 10 years, Autentico comes with the highest recommendations. They are, in the words of a guide in North Carolina who lived in Costa Rica for 4 years and has used AA with her American high school students, “simply the best in the country.” 

What is Experiential Learning?

Some of the most important things in life can’t be learned in a textbook or in films. Experiential learning is multi-sensory, putting students in environments and situations that engage the whole person—intellect, emotions, spirit, and body.

Culture:  Costa Rica Adventure 2012 puts students close to the land and the people. Nothing manufactured, nothing touristy. This is not a “vacation”; it is a journey. Getting to know Antonio, Filipe, Orlando, Lopez, and Hernon and having them share their lives with us will be the heart of the experience.

Ecology: Costa Rica is home to some of the most pristine rainforests and coastlines in the world. As a country, Costa Rica has positioned itself as a leader in ecology and preservation.  As we move from the Pacific up into the mountains, we will be immersed in the wonders of the rainforest.

Personal Growth:  High school is a critical period in a person’s life, a time where you truly begin growing into the adult you will soon become.  As we travel, we will test ourselves not only physically but also grow close together as a family. Our mornings and evenings will be spent in worship and in discussions that help you grow as a person—learning more about yourself and who you both want and are called to be.

Costa Rica.journallingHow much equipment will I need?

The good news is you will need very little. We will determine how much backpacking equipment is available through the Adventure Club as we get closer to the trip, but what you don’t have you can often borrow from other sources. We may be able to rent cheaply, too, from Calvin.

 What’s expected of me?

  In addition to the trip itself, you will be expected to

  1. Attend 3-4 pre-trip dinners
  2. With a partner, prepare and teach a lesson that will prepare us ahead of time
  3. Participate in weekly physical preparedness training beginning in January

(Will not conflict with athletics or put undue strain on your schedule. However, having the strength and endurance appropriate for the trip ensures healthy group dynamics and your enjoyment of the activities)

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