Rock Climbing

Weekly Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing is our most popular activity! AC hosts weekly climbing outinClimbing.Laurags from November through March. Rather than a “once-and-done” experience available at camps and retail stores, students learn how to tie knots, run the safety ropes (belay), and  the basics of climbing technique. Like all Adventure Club activities, participants progress at their own rate in a non-competitive, highly social  environment.

Is climbing hard?

You are going to sweat, that’s for sure! But climbing is not about raw power. Balance and technique matter more than strength. It’s a sport that challenges your body and your mind—“Gymnastics on a Vertical Chessboard.”

What should I wear?

Guys like to wear athletic pants or shorts. You can also climb in jeans. Girls like to wear shorts, yoga pants, capris, or sweatpants. Make sure shorts have a 4” inseam so your harness can fit overtop the legs. Remember, you’re going to be up high in the air.

What should I bring?

Bring a water bottle. Be warned:  Cookies tend to spring up spontaneously at Adventure Club outings! Inside Moves has Gatorade and snacks for purchase as well.

Inside Moves Waiver

Red River Gorge, KY:  Each spring/early summer, we also take a trip down to the world-class climbing found in the Red River Gorge, KY. Students learn the joys of outdoor climbing and learn how to rappell safely.  Add the fun of camping together along with a pilgrimage to Miguel’s Pizza and you have the perfect trip!

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